Our Island

Welcome to Saint-Martin

Saint Martin is situated in the northern antilles,
it’s a wonderful island surrounded by 37 white sanded beaches, a turquoise sea water and of course the caribbean sun.

Discovered by Christopher Columbus the 11th of November 1493, the island was named by the west indians (SOUALIGA) the salt island.

The particularity of our island is the coexistence of France and Netherlands who cohabit on 93Km2 in harmony.

The french side is located at the north with the 3/5 of the island surface which is 52 km2.

The island currency is the euros but the dollars is mostly used.

The nightlife is restless with all kind of different musics ( zouk, rap, ragga, reggae, meringue, salsa, house ,techno etc ...). The gamblers will be overwhelmed with joy with our 19 casinos on the dutch side.

Restaurants , shopping and hotels are the keywords here.

Take your time to enjoy the little local lolos in order to try all the tasty flavours of our local dishes and visit the heritage of our beautiful island.

To know more, you can also visit the Official Tourism website of the Island of Saint Martin : www.st-martin.org

by Location Saint-Martin - français : Bienvenue à Saint-Martin

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